Furnace Air Purifiers

Furnace Air Dampers are used as a replacement for an air bucket. The bucket is that cylindrical object on or near your furnace that you might noticed due to all the cold air coming from it. The bucket is attached to a pipe that leads directly outside to provide your furnace with the necessary oxygen it requires to run properly. It continually lets in fresh air whether the furnace is running or not, constantly providing you with that unnecessary chill during winter.

Furnace air dampers prevent cold air from entering the home, since it will only let outside air in while the furnace is running. View this illustration.

Hoyme Motorized Dampers 
Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly
Hoyme Motorized Dampers are a unique, innovative, energy efficient, environmentally friendly product that has been designed and manufactured in Canada. It has proven to be well accepted by the HVAC industry across the United States and Canada. Hoyme Dampers help homeowners to enjoy added comfort, safety and energy savings, while helping to improve environment.

Hoyme Dampers get attached to the heating system, and open when your furnace is running to provide fresh air for fuel efficiency. When your furnace stops, the dampers close, preventing cold air from coming in. Stopping cold air saves energy and increases comfort.

The Benefits of Hoyme Dampers

  • Provides comfort and saves energy by stopping cold air from coming into the home
  • Works with natural gas, propane, oil furnaces or boilers
  • CSA Certified
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Using an air damper can help you save up to 20% on your heating costs…click here to view the expected yearly savings

Important Difference Between Buckets & Motorized Dampers

The Bucket

Wastes expensive heating fuel and causes a cold basement. 

Motorized Dampers

Saves from 5% to 20% on heating fuel. Stops unwanted cold air and increases comfort.

Motorized Bucket Photo  Motorized Bucket Diagram

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Mechanical Services

We offer high-quality, cost-effective, and the most innovative heating and cooling systems available.


Furnace Installation​

We offer furnace installation services in Calgary and area on a variety of popular brands of furnaces for commercial and residential uses that are proven to be reliable in Calgary winter conditions and affordable for homeowners and businesses.

We Install:

  • HVAC Units
  • Roof Top Units
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Exhaust & Make-Up Air systems
Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat provides simple control of your heating and cooling system. Set it to the temperature you want and adjust it up or down as desired.

Honeywell FocusPRO® 6000
Honeywell’s FocusPRO™ 6000 offers the perfect blend of features, performance and value. With the largest backlit screen in its class and an easy-to-read digital display, FocusPRO 6000 prominently displays both room and set temperature. Plus, you’ll enjoy energy savings by setting the simple programming periods to fit your lifestyle.

Key Features

  • Large, Clear Backlit Digital Display – Easy-to-read in various lighting conditions. (Also available in smaller standard screen size)
  • Precise Comfort Control – Maintains consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy
  • Wireless – Can be placed anywhere in the home without running wires or cutting into your walls
  • Easy-Access Battery Replacement – Flip-out door allows for easy battery replacement without removing or disassembling the thermostat
  • Built-in Instructions – Simple, pull-out instruction manual
  • Energy Savings – Program to save up to 33 percent on annual heating and cooling costs (if used as directed, savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage)
  • Model Numbers – TH6220D1002, TH6110D1005, TH6320D1004, TH6110D1021, TH6220D1028
  • 5-Year Warranty

Honeywell PRO® 4000
Honeywell’s PRO® 4000 is effortless to use. Its intuitive logic and menu-driven programming respond to your choices and schedule for optimal comfort and energy savings. It offers you top-of-the-line features like, a real-time clock and a large, easy-to-read backlit display.

Key Features

  • Weekday/Weekend Programming – 5-2 (weekdays, weekend) programming to fit your lifestyle.
  • Energy Savings – Program to save up to 33 percent on annual heating and cooling costs (if used as directed, savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage)
  • Precise Comfort Control – Maintains consistent comfort at the highest level of accuracy
  • Digital Display – Both current and set temperature are easy to ready in various lighting conditions
  • Display Options – Available in backlit or standard
  • Built-in Instructions – Simple, pull-out instruction manual
  • Basic Operation – Easy-to-use slide switches allow you to select the heat or cool mode, and operate the fan
  • Model Numbers – TH4110D1007, TH4210D1005
  • 5-Year Warranty

Honeywell PRO® 1000 Manual Thermostat
Perfect for multi-family housing developments or apartment complexes, the PRO series thermostats feature the quality, reliability and performance that you can expect from Honeywell at a price that’s just right.

Furnace Filters

Furnace Filters Calgary help achieve best indoor air quality for homeowners who are looking to get maximum results at minimum cost. It is a simple and affordable way to instantly boost your home’s health, and a good choice for people who do not have a long-term commitment to their current residence. It is also a great option for rental units. It is a client favorite due to its unique, efficient and flexible features:

  • Oves up to 90% of common indoor contaminants by weight
  • Excellent replacement for inefficient disposable air filters
  • Highly affordable
  • Washable and reusable for simple, inexpensive maintenance
  • No electrical hook-up required and no moving parts; this makes them very convenient, especially for use in rental units
  • Non-allergenic media is unaffected by moisture or humidity, making them very durable
  • Steel frame and durable construction offer easy handling and long service life
  • No ozone

In addition to using quality, high endurance, high efficiency filtration media, these filters are constructed with extruded aluminum frames that are:

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Provide superior strength
  • Will not warp due to heat

Furnace Filters Calgary – An Electrostatic Filter installed in your furnace can trap up to 90% of the dust that circulates in your heating and cooling system

Compare it to 5% – 10% efficiency achieved with disposable fiberglass filters! It is also able to capture many of the allergens that aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Pollen, mold, and dust are common in any household and can be reduced by using an Electrostatic Filter.

Electrostatic Filter Maintenance
To maximize the filter’s efficient performance, it requires regular maintenance that involves simple washing and dusting. This ensures that the airflow to your furnace is not restricted, and the motor does not have to work harder than necessary.

Your Electrostatic Filter needs to be washed every six months. Constructed with up to three layers of washable filtration media, the filter can be washed hundreds of times without diminishing its electrostatic qualities.

Note: To get the most out of your filter, it is recommended that it is cleaned more often than the manufacturer’s suggestion. Use your own description based on the current status of your HVAC system.

Lifetime Warranty for Electrostatic Filter
Furnace Filters Calgary – Electrostatic filters have an extended lifetime warranty that is honored by its manufacturer (Dafco Filtration Group) provided that regular maintenance is performed to manufacturer standards.

Installations Include:

  • Honeywell 1000 Thermostat
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • City of Calgary Permit and Inspection
  • Removal of old furnace, installation of new furnace
  • All electrical connections, gabs connections, furnace venting, any coring and sheet metal
  • Complimentary furnace and duct cleaning
  • Warranty on parts, labour and heat exchanger

Commercial Furnace Installation:
Our commercial division offering superior service and quality craftsmanship in partnership with commercial clients and property management companies.
We offer commercial furnace installation services in Calgary and area on a variety of high and mid-efficiency popular brands. These makes and models have proven to be reliable and affordable in Calgary winter conditions.  We work with commercial property management companies offering superior service and quality craftsmanship.

  • HVAC units
  • Roof top units
  • Furnaces

Residential Furnace Installation Calgary:

We offer high-efficiency residential furnace installation services in Calgary and area on a variety of popular brands that are proven to be reliable in Calgary winter conditions and affordable for homeowners. We offer our customers superior service and quality craftsmanship.

Furnace Humidifiers

$35 OFF Furnace Humidifier
The 1042 GeneralAire Humidifier is one of the top sellers of Furnace Humidifiers in Calgary. Installing GeneralAire 1042 Humidifier in your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly boost humidity in your home is to install a furnace mounted humidifier. The 1042 GeneralAire Humidifier has proven to be one of the best furnace humidifiers Calgary cold, dry weather and hard water conditions.

This humidifier has excellent longevity due to its durability and simplicity of operation. It has autopilot settings and requires minimum maintenance. It comes complete with copper line installation.

General Operating Principles of the 1041DM Humidifier
When the humidistat senses a need for additional humidity, a solenoid valve is opened and metered water flows into the patented distribution tray at the top of the humidifier. The tray assures that the evaporator pad is moistened thoroughly and uniformly for greatest evaporative efficiency.

Dry air, warmed by the furnace, is passed through the wet pad where evaporation occurs, and moist humidified air is circulated throughout the home. Unevaporated water drains from the bottom of the unit carrying off troublesome minerals. The efficiency of design ensures more water gets into the air instead of running down the drain. The 1042DM uses less water input to produce more humidity output than most competitive units.

Features of the 1042DM Humidifier
Attractive Styling
Modern industrial grade design utilizing top quality, non-corrosive, high temperature materials. Proper Humidification – The scientifically designed evaporator pad results in high evaporative output and low scale accumulation. Easy to Service – Thumb screws allow easy access to the distribution trough, the drain pan, and the evaporator pad. This makes periodic maintenance quick and easy. No Moving Parts

No motor, fan or pump to wear out or lime up. Manual Air Shutter – to close bypass during cooling season. High Performance – evaporates up to 19.2 gallons per day at industry test conditions, with a metered input rate of 3.5 U.S. gallons/hour while in operation.

How To Care For Your Humidifier

  • Rinse removable tray every 6 month to avoid bacteria building
  • Install new filter annually to get desired benefits of humidity
  • Check draining hose for blockages to avoid flooding

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Furnace Parts

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  • Inducer Motors
  • Thermocouplers
  • Flame Sensors
  • Hot Surface Igniters
  • Sump Pumps
  • Condensate Pumps
  • Throw Away Filters and Electrostatic Filters (any size)
  • Belts
  • Humidifier Pads / Filters

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